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  About IPE and PPA Management Schools, Paris

and PPA Management Schools, Paris are well established and internationally acknowledged Higher Education Institutions - Grande Ecoles within the Réseau des Grandes Ecoles Specialisées (GES).

IPE Management School Paris is nationally accredited by the French Government, the French Government’s Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionelle (CNCP), and internationally recognised by the Commission Européenne de Certification (CEC) and NARIC, UK. Its office for English-taught International Degrees is based in Kent from where IPE Management School Paris delivers Higher Education Degrees on Bachelor and Master's level in many english-speaking countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

IPE together with Paris Pole Alternance (PPA) delivers Undergraduate and Postgraduate level degrees whose key objective is to educate managers with superior skills and capabilities to make ongoing and lasting contributions to the global economy and society as a whole. IPE Management School Paris not only delivers its programmes in France but in a rapidly increasing number of countries on various continents as well. IPE international perspective also finds expression in an increasing number of collaborations with Professional Bodies, such as the UK Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) with which the IPE offers Master of Business Management (MBM) and MBA in Consumer-Oriented Retail Sales Management and the International Trade & Law Institute (ITLI) in Pusan, South Korea, an affiliate of the South Korea’s globally famous Pusan University, with which the IPE offers a Master of Science (MSc) in International Trade and Law. The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) is the worldwide representative body for salespeople. Founded in 1911, the ISMM has been the authoritative voice of selling and the custodian of sales standards, ethics and best practice for over 100 years.

IPE Management School Paris’s innovative programmes are fulfilling both the academic need as well as work and industry orientation. IPE and PPA teaching and learning strategies include a rich Virtual Learning Environment and are committed to excellence has resulted in Paris Pole Alternance (PPA) and IPE Management School being recognised and certified by the French State at Level 1 (the highest academic recognition in France). Both Institutions are committed to excellence by embracing the latest research-based knowledge for the value-oriented economy, hence the Paris Pole Alternance (PPA) a co-host of ICTCL and a sister Higher Education Institution with IPE Management School Paris (within the GES Network of Higher Education Institutions) is highly ranked in France. For 2012 the rankings are as follows:

La Parisien
PPA is ranked 4th in France with a statement that acknowledges the quality of education and teachers to realize the potential of their students.

La Figaro
PPA is ranked 7th in France

Le Nouvelle Economiste
PPA is ranked 8th in France with the statement that PPA is ranked in the top 40 best known Business Schools in France.

Award for Learning
PPA is ranked 1st

IPE Management School Paris and PPA share and are fully integrated in fulfilling their academic objectives and aims and to ensure that the interests and career needs of all our students are met in full. With the close integration between PPA and IPE Management School Paris, graduates of our IPE Degrees/Diplom as will be awarded both PPA and IPE degrees/Diplomas.

IPE Management School Paris is part of the PRME Framework of the United Nations.


The PRME Framework addresses Six Principles to which IPE Management School will contribute. These Six Principles are:

o Business Schools’ Purpose (nurturing students’ ethical understandings);
o Values (building in of themes of social responsibility into all curricula);
o Methods (of teaching & learning to promote responsible action by students);
o Research (demonstrably addressing themes of social responsibility);
o Partnership (drawing appropriate lessons from corporate contacts concerning meaning and substance of corporate responsibility);
o Dialogue (fruitful multi-stakeholder conversations on responsibility and sustainability).

IPE Management has already implemented these principles into its curriculum and will support its accredited centres of studies around the globe to adopt these. IPE Management School Paris’s Directors’ firm intention is to be an active party in the PRME process in the effort that its Higher Education continuously contributes to managers’ understanding that profitability needs to respect organisations’ contribution to society at the same level and that Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential and integral part of good corporate governance.

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